Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lions may go hunrgy

Today began just like normal. I got up, took the dog out, made coffee, and put Corinne's lunch together. That's right I make my wife's lunch because I'm awesome like that. Then while making some toast with this outrageously good blackberry jam, God showed up. All of the sudden it was like a wave of joy came over me. In an instant God reminded me of how awesome and good he is to me. Its been easy lately to focus on not having a job and what are we gonna do about money and bla bla bla. I felt like God asked me "Hey..what have you wanted to do lately that you haven't done?" Uh....well....nothing! I love when God does that. Psalms 34:10 says "Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will never lack any good thing." I shouldn't be so quick to look at the negative side of things, because if I really look at it, the past 7 months (yes 7 months!) of not having a job have been awesome! We have never lacked anything in this time. God brought us here to Florida, and has given us everything we need. I know God has a plan for us here so I'm just gonna keep my trust in Him.

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